Company Profile

Change And Dreams

T-Plus was born from a group of dentists have common dream. They dream to change life style of people, create people's smiles, let everyone have self-confidence and be happy everyday.

T-Plus main members are dentists. Be established from the view of dentists, T-Plus know and understand what dentist needs. Therefore from company purpose, product R&D, and marketing principles all setup for satisfy the needs of the dentists.

Unique and Superior Implant System

T-Plus convinced that only user knows what the suitable product is.

Hence, differ with other general products only focus on the production process and technology but ignoring the most original and pure value of product. T-Plus develops creation and ideas all began from "People". Thinking from the viewpoint of the users demand to find out what kind of product could satisfy "People". Therefore, our products absolutely could greatest satisfaction dentist’s clinical needs, and only in this way patients feel reassured and guaranteed.

T-Plus is the best choice for dentists and patients due to the most humanize considerations, complete design, and comprehensive services. T-Plus concentrates on the design and manufacture of dental implants, and continuously develops the product could improve surgical processes faster, simpler and more accurate. Because of we effort to develop the implant, T-Plus have been obtained national and international certifications. Currently T-Plus has the following certifications: GMP, CE, China’s CFDA, U.S.A. FDA 510(K), ISO 13485 for excellent medical equipment manufacturing, and Taiwan’s TFDA. T-Plus products sell domestically and overseas. Our highest quality of implant obtains international recognition, and we’ve taken Taiwan’s implants to a new level. We love challenges, and we’ve challenged ourselves to become the world’s top brand in dental implants.


T-Plus has a special design concept for dental implants, allowing dentists to use simple surgical steps to achieve a perfect treatment result.


T-Plus’s core idea is “Small adjustments bring big change.”T-Plus has strong basis clinical using experience.。

From R&D, manufacturing, sales and education training, all originate from long-term clinical data validation and can reliably and effectively meet clinical doctor’s needs.

Education Program

To strengthen doctors’ clinical experience and complete vision, T-plus established TIEI(T-plus Implant Education Institute) and cooperate with several dental associations and academic institutes to provides all kinds of fundamental and advanced training courses on implantation techniques and skills .